John Buckner
Simply fascinating, this whole idea of making something attractive, both aestetically and within a brand initiative so that the item is not only wanted, but NEEDED. Selling something turns the world on it's axis and keeps design honest whether it's soap or top-shelf bourbon. Product and/or graphic design that connects within the context of a story is the ultimate in human communication.
At The House of Buckner, words, music, video and art trip my trigger and I use all of them to tell stories for Fortune 100 clients and small business owners. I write about big picture challenges and agronomy, and am intrigued by storytelling across channels to reach an audience within the social network. This includes website design and SEO. Marketing operations concerning global
promotions is another specialty. When not traveling for business, I stay grounded at the family farm where I manage grain and forage crops, bobwhite quail, wild turkey and white-tail deer. Here, I am entertained by Nature's four seasons, my guitars, The Wall Street Journal and a loveable English setter.